File Auto Create Clients
This module provides an ability to create customers automatically from tickets of Potential Clients, It also assigns the orphan tickets of Existing Clients to their accounts So they start appearing under their accounts.
Filesize: 6.66 kB
File eBilling Payment Gateway
E-Billing Payment Gateway aggregates wallet platforms from mobile operators and banks in Africa. E-Billing does not process payment. Customers will be directed to E-Billing payment portal. This portal provides steps to validate payment with mobile wallet provider of customer.
Filesize: 32.7 kB
File FastSpring Payment Gateway
FastSpring Payment Gateway modules allow you to integrate FastSpring with your WHMCS platform.
Filesize: 69.8 kB
File Knet Payment Gateway
Pioneer of Payment Solutions in The State of Kuwait
Filesize: 39.1 kB
File Mass/Bulk Promo Codes (Ver 2.2.0)
Mass Promo Codes provides you an ability to generate mass promo codes in your WHMCS not only that, this add-on comes with more features.
Filesize: 28.2 kB
File Paddle Payment Gateway
Create your checkout experience with Paddle Payment Gateway ready for WHMCS.
Filesize: 19.4 kB
File Pay via Promo Code
This module provides an ability for your users to Pay via Promo Code. If you want to give your clients first year free or 100% off one time or recurring you can use this module to automate the process. Be advised that clients have to enter the Promo Code that is 100% OFF or equals to the value of the product. Create a Promo Code Wisely in WHMCS Promotions.
Filesize: 8.93 kB
File Revolut Payment Gateway
Revolut Payment Gateway modules allow you to integrate revolut checkout with-in the WHMCS platform.
Filesize: 66 kB
File Tap Payment Gateway
Tap Payment Gateway modules allow you to integrate Tap checkout with the WHMCS platform.
Filesize: 3.21 kB
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